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Fun Summer Camps In Ocoee, Florida and San Saba, Texas

Make this the happiest summer of your child’s life. Our Summer Camp Programs serving Clermont, Ocoee, Winter Garden, Windermere, Florida and San Saba, Texas. Find us at: 

In Ocoee, Florida Call Ph: 321-443-8077 to enroll your child today! 209 Capitol Court. Ocoee, FL 34761

In San Saba, Texas Call Ph: 325- 372-4800 to enroll your child today! 311 N. High St. San Saba, Texas 76877


  • SAFE: We have a professional certified staff who have been drug tested, police background checked and CPR certified.
  • AFFORDABLE: As parents we know it is important to keep our prices family friendly. Ask about our multiple child discount!
  • EDUCATIONAL: We have a certified school teacher, a Phd., a Registered Nurse, and an MD on staff. So you know that we offer the best learning environment in the area.
  • FUN! FUN! FUN! Our educational Summer Camp activities are designed with one thing in mind, to make your child HAPPY!

The American Dragon Martial Arts Summer Camp is not a day care. It is a so much more than babysitting and coloring books. It is a week-to-week, year around program that is an affordable, educational, and FUN alternative to day care or babysitting. The purpose of this program is to give parents an attractive alternative to traditional day care, where children can learn martial arts and martial arts related values, while providing a safe environment until their parents get off work. Our award winning summer camp program has become the most popular day camp of it’s kind in the Ocoee and San Saba area.
Summer Camps in Winter Garden

We have trained enthusiastic, caring staff and our teaching method is sensitively tailored to meet the needs of individual learning differences.

Our program is the answer to your child’s summer camp and vacation day needs. While providing your child with a fun and exciting martial arts experience, we provide a structured environment where the children can develop respect, discipline, character, co-ordination, flexibility, strength, agility, speed, sportsmanship, leadership, peace of mind, self-confidence, winning spirit, and healthy fitness habits.

Why pay for babysitting when your children can do so much more, learn structure, discipline, manners, martial arts, And have lots of FUN!!! Our program is often up to 50% less expensive than Day Care, Gymnastics, Dance or other summer camp activities in the Ocoee and San Saba area.

This valuable and affordable alternative to day care and babysitting not only operates during summer vacation but also on teachers’ in-service days, spring break and winter break for children. We operate on the vacation days and vacation weeks of the Orange County and Lake County Public School system.We are specialists in the field of education; teaching school-age children to ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE physically and mentally.

Martial Arts for Children: Parents are absolutely crazy about our kids martial arts program. That’s because their kids are getting so much more than self-defense skills in each and every class…

They’re learning how to set goals, and use discipline to accomplish them… They’re learning that diplomacy and peace can be used 99% of the time to avoid violence… And they’re gaining a profound sense of self-respect and respect for others. It’s truly life-changing.

You know that the daily martial arts classes will provide your child with a character building education and will help him/her to build confidence, learn self-defense, improve their grades and increase self-discipline. The kids just know that it is fun and makes them happy! We have a certified School Teacher, a Phd., a Registered Nurse and an M.D. on our staff. All of our staff members have been police background checked, drug screened and are CPR First Aid Certified. No day care in the Clermont, Ocoee, Orlando and Windermere area can say that. Give your child the program that they deserve. DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS!

Some of the most popular parts of our Summer Camp Program are:Martial Arts Self Defense class: Helps build confidence and self esteem.Swimming: No child in Florida wants to go all summer without swimming. We give them several swimming field trips.Arts & Crafts: Our certified school teachers help your child explore their creative side with our art day projects.Language classes in Korean or Chinese: Our program truly is educational.Sports & Fitness: Our sports and fitness coach will teach your child fun and healthy habits that will give them a long and enjoyable life.

Our Martial Arts Sports & Fitness Summer Day Camp is Educational! FUN! And YES MOMS It’s AFFORDABLE! Why Settle For Less? We begin taking registrations in March of each year. Our space is limited and the program fills up fast. In Ocoee, Florida Call Ph: 321-443-8077 or in San Saba, Texas Call Ph: 325- 372-4800 today to reserve your child’s spot.


We currently provide summer camp and day camp services for students of the following Orange County Florida Public Schools:


Call 321-443-8077 to enroll your child today! 209 Capitol Court. Ocoee, FL 34761

In San Saba, Texas we offer our program to the following Public Schools:


Call 325- 372-4800 to enroll your child today! 311 N. High St. San Saba, Texas 76877

Chinese cooking class

Fun Music Class Day

Nature Walk

Outdoor Sports Day

Learning about anilmals

In Ocoee, Florida Call Ph: 321-443-8077 to enroll your child today! 209 Capitol Court. Ocoee, FL 34761

In San Saba, Texas Call Ph: 325- 372-4800 to enroll your child today! 311 N. High St. San Saba, Texas 76877

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