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Welcome to American Dragon Martial Arts Academies of Ocoee, Florida

Most people have heard of Japanese Karate, Judo and Jujitsu or even Chinese Tai Chi and Kung Fu. But did you know that there are many exciting Korean Martial Arts as well? Tucked away in the quiet town of Ocoee, Florida is a Martial Arts school owned by Korean Martial Arts practitioner, Grand Master Richard Hackworth that has the answer to many of today’s challenges for life and family. At our private academy we save you time (most precious asset), gas, and money. We have the perfect life changing activity for all ages at family friendly rates. Busy Moms and Dads, you can get great Physical Fitness and learn Self Defense while your children work on improving Self Discipline and Self Confidence, ALL AT THE SAME TIME AND PLACE!

Remember to a child, LOVE is spelled T-I-M-E. You can bridge the generation gap between you and the kids because you will have something to talk about and practice at home together. Your family will bond by working towards similar goals like becoming a Black Belt. This is particularly good for Moms with sons and Dads with daughters as there is very little in common. Communication comes from the word “common”. When you have things in common you can communicate easily and more often. See how our family program can benefit everyone in the family at our page on Improving Life.

Becoming a Black Belt is about individual improvement and no one is compared to anyone else. There will always be someone better or worse than you. You earn your Black Belt because of the physical and mental improvements you will gain from training!

Here are some problems with the average household when being involved in many activities:
• Family spends about 14-18 hours per week to engage in different physical activities
• Family spends more money, consuming gas, by taking multiple trips to all the different activities
• Parents are taxi drivers, not having much time for their own physical activities
• Parents and children are separated (going in different directions) as they get physical fitness in their own areas (gyms, soccer, baseball, gymnastics, dance, etc.)
• Numerous activities are only seasonal (part time physical fitness)

The solution is our Family Martial Arts program. Here is how we can help:
• Family spends about 2-3 hours per week to engage in traditional Martial Arts
• Family spends less money, consuming gas, by taking only 2 trips to our private academy (Our families benefit from training only twice a week at the same time)
• Parents are not taxi drivers because they come inside and train too
• Parents and children are unified as they get physical fitness
• Martial Arts is year round training (full time physical fitness)

As you can see you can save approximately 624 hours per year! This gives your family more time together away from our Martial Arts too! You can:

• Eat more dinners together
• Play games at home together
• Go for walks in the neighborhood together
• Be more involved in your church, neighborhood, or community as a family
• Spend time with other family members or close family friends as one family unit
• Get more done around the house, everyone can chip in to help
• See a movie together
And endless more opportunities

You will save money in gas and activities. You will only be involved in one activity!
Call Grand Master Hackworth today at Ph: 321-443-8077

Hello, I am Dr. Richard Hackworth, Martial Arts Grand Master and owner at American Dragon Martial Arts Academies in Ocoee, Florida where it is my personal goal to improve the lives of children and adults, both physically and mentally. To help families like yours become more unified by working on common goals, spending time together and staying safe. The vision of our school is to reach and help as many families in the area as possible. Our purpose is to make our community stronger, One Black Belt Family at a Time.

American Dragon Martial Arts Academies
209 Capitol Court. Ocoee, FL 34761
Ph: 321-443-8077

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