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 A Promise From The President of the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies:

“Our School will show You how Martial Arts Class Uses 2,000 Year Old Secrets of the Far East to Teach You Flawless Self-Defense, Helps You Lose Weight Extremely Fast, and Live a Happier More Meaningful Life…”

 Read on to find out more, and see how you can start applying these secrets to your life today…

Richard Hackworth teaching in Cali, Colombia

Dear Friend,

My name is Dr. Richard Hackworth, and helping people improve their lives through Martial Arts classes is my passion in life.

Now, I know that a lot of people think Martial Arts is only about learning how to fight like those violent MMA shows… and defend yourself like the “Karate Kid”… But the truth is, It’s not like that at all. It is So Much More. …It’s really a system of self improvement and a way of life.

It’s about connecting to your inner-strength – what the Koreans call “Ki”. It’s about accomplishing goals you never thought you could. It’s about respecting yourself and developing your total mind, body and spirit.

Adult Programs

Theresa Zaino demonstrating Kama Weapons Martial Arts

We believe that developing and maintaining a sound body and mind are critical to getting the most out of life. In our adult programs you will experience a unique approach that benefits the body and the mind.

To strengthen your body, you will begin with deep breathing, isometric and dynamic tension exercises. Flexibility will be enhanced through a gradual building process of safe and easy stretching techniques. You will find that the breathing and concentration exercises sharpen your senses and reflexes while allowing you to relax from the stress of daily life. This unique combination of using the power of the body and of the mind is the key to increased energy, self discipline, and fitness for a longer happier life. These qualities are essential in recognizing and handling self defense situations, as well asmental stress.

We employ a complete, integrated system that will teach you the techniques you need to defend yourself intelligently in threatening situations.


Our system will also teach you how to respond to a variety of problems such as:

  • Attacks at night.
  • Attacks by two opponents.
  • Attacks by assailants with a weapon and how to disarm them.
  • Self Defense for Women.

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Hapkido For Self Defense:

Our HaeMuKwan Hapkido program is recognized and approved by the Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan, the world headquarters for Hapkido in Seoul, Korea. read more……..

Practical Self Defense Training For Women:

We will train you in practical easy to learn self defense techniques for real life situations. If you find yourself in a situation that may require you to stand and fight, then you must learn what to do from an expert. At the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies our highly trained caring instructors will train you to be mentally and physically prepared to protect yourself. read more……..

SPECIALTY PROGRAMS – Available At Limited Locations

Law Enforcement/Military Self Defense Tactics:

This course is designed for the special needs of professionals who must deal daily with potentially violent attackers or multiple attacker life or death situations. (Available to civilians on a space available basis). read more……..

Martial Arts Instructors Courses:

Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association – “Dedicated To The Preservation & Promotion Of The Korean Martial Arts”. read more……..

Korean Military Arts Instructors Program:

These programs are taught in Korea and are available to International Instructors to attain degrees and Certification for the Instruction of Traditional Korean Military Arts. read more……..

The Ultimate Fat Fighting Program – T.U.F.F.

Once you know the secret the world of becoming slim and beautiful is at your finger tips. Did you know that EVERY top professional athlete in the world uses this same diet? Do you know why??? read more……..

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Hapkido continued….

HapKiDo Move Demonstration Graphic

The essence of Hapkido lies in the cultivation of Ki energy and the utilization of this energy in the expression of martial arts. The name “HapKiDo” consists of the Korean characters meaning “the way of coordinating energy” or “power in harmony with nature and man”. It is a martial art practiced entirely for self-defense. HapKiDo is distinguished by three essential techniques:

  1. Passivity when opposing force
  2. Countering and attacking with circular movements
  3. Absolute penetration of an opponent’s defense (the water principle)

Classical Hapkido includes more than 3608 techniques involving:

  • Finger pressure points
  • Restraining methods
  • Offensive choking
  • Prisoner arrest and pain-compliance techniques
  • “Come along” grips
  • Counter-defense and counter-attacks
  • Control and redirection
  • Defense against attacks involving weapons
  • Defense against multiple attacks
  • Rolling and falling when attacked
  • Chokes to subdue an attacker
  • Meditation and various breath control techniques
  • Joint breaking
  • Combination joint breaking
  • Weapons techniques are also a part of HapKiDo study (sword, cane, fan, rope, short/middle/long staff, etc.)
  • Closed and open hand strikes
  • Blocking and parrying
  • Holds and takedowns
  • Defense against kicking, punching, holding and throwing
  • Hundreds of different kicks
  • Defense against wrist and clothing grabs
  • Throws (body, projection and leg throws)
  • Human anatomy
  • Grappling (pressure point grappling and grappling defense)
  • Wrestling techniques
  • Falls (from any position and onto any surface)
  • Ground fighting
  • Joint manipulation

HapKiDo Back Kick Animated Graphic

At the American Dragon Martial Arts Academiesyou will learn the Art, the Practice, and the Philosophy of Hapkido.

Our schools are chartered with the Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan, the U.S. Branch of the Korea Hapkido Federation.

To make an enrollment appointment so that you can get started today click here to visit our approved school directory. For more information on Hapkido please visit

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Practical Self Defense For Women continued….

Graphic of Student Aimie at Self Defense For Women Class

You Can Protect Yourself Against Crime!

Be Prepared! The Best Defense is Self Defense.

A recent published ten year study conducted by the FBI indicates that rape is dramatically on the rise in the United States. Current crime statistics indicated that a rape occurs somewhere in the U.S. every five minutes.

All women are potential victims for the rapist although a recent study found that 73% of all rapes were committed against girls 17 years of age or younger and 36% of those were committed against girls under the age of 11. (National Victim Center and the Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, 2006). The study also showed rape can occur any place, anytime. 60% of attacks are away from the victim’s home, while 40% take place in, or near the victim’s home. This study also showed that 84% of the victims knew their assailant before the rape took place, and 57% of the rapes occurred while on a date.

Women’s Self Defense Techniques Can Help You Beat The Odds.

Our purpose in stating these facts, as unpleasant as they may be, is not to scare you, but to make you aware that, according to rape crisis experts, women who resist in any way have a fighting chance of stopping the attack.

If women have been trained in some type of Martial Arts similar to those taught at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies Women’s Self Defense Program, the odds of them deterring an attack are better than 80%.

Great use of time

We realize your time is very precious. That’s why we offer convenient classes, five days a week. In each and every class, you will go through a structured program. First, we do exercises to reduce stress. Then we stretch to increase flexibility and work out to improve your cardiovascular performance.

We then discuss self defense techniques and return to a workout using them. In this way, you get a complete and balanced workout in every class. To make your Women’s Self Defense training even more convenient, we also offer private lessons at your convenience.

While attending our Women’s Self Defense classes you will quickly and easily improve your health. You will also be learning about a new world of fun and exciting techniques. Stress reduction, proper breathing, stretching exercises, philosophy, and of course, how to defend yourself. Instead of wondering how you are going to pass the time in the gym, you will look forward to each and every information filled lesson.

Contact your nearest American Dragon Martial Arts Academies Dojang to find out the availablity of Women’s Self Defense Classes by clicking here

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Law Enforcement/Military Self Defense Tactics continued….


  • You’re a muscular 6 foot 2 inch, 240 pound night club bouncer — but the guy you have to throw out of the club is 6 feet 8 inches; and at least 325…
  • You’re a street cop who’s been placed on temporary suspension because you shot a 6 foot tall 215 pound “16 year old kid” who refused to succumb to the arm-locks you were taught at the academy.
  • You’re a soldier, your rifle’s jammed with the enemy right around the corner and you’re seconds away from finding out if the sportive grappling they taught you in basic will work against someone trying to tear your throat out and send you to the hereafter.

Solution 1: TukongMuSool

After a lot of political arguing about which martial art should be officially taught to Korea’s elite troops and special police units, a committee of martial arts experts was assembled to develop an easy to learn system of self defense using natural body movements that could defeat even an Olympic TaeKwonDo or Judo champion in seconds.

The result of the 15 years of research is TukongMuSool. TukongMuSool was instituted as a hand-to-hand combat methodology that far surpassed other martial arts in terms of simplicity and effectiveness. Ironically, it was nearly identical to the system the US Military used — back in World War II.

Military Applications of TukongMuSool

What happened? Through a political process too convoluted and distressing to elaborate on here, over the years, our soldiers’ hand-to-hand training has become overly complicated, mis-directed, and relatively ineffective except under “sportive” or “competitive” (i.e. unrealistic) conditions.

TukongMuSool’s Close Combat does away with the boxing-grappling-locking nonsense that has become the “politically correct” standard of training for our soldiers in recent years. Instead of subjecting our military personnel to methods that could get them killed, Grand Master No-Won Park provides basic, effective methods proven in War.

The prospect of confronting Japanese Soldiers in the jungle skilled in Judo and Karate led to a training overhaul by our own military in the late 1930′s. Colonel Rex Applegate, William Donovan and members of the OSS created a system of simple, devastating attacks used successfully by U.S. soldiers during countless close engagements against Japanese troops in World War II.

But Close Combat is only the beginning… TukongMuSool is the modern application of those devastaing principles that includes skills that have been passed down from Master to student for centuries in Korean Martial Arts.

Additionally TukongMuSool Program offers:

  • Firearms, Batton, Knife: Grand Master Gregory Lee is one of the top handgun, batton, knife instructors in the U.S. and is a Certified Close Combat/Weapons Master Instructor under the International TukongMuSool Federation. Learn Grand Master Lee’s unique shooting, batton, and knife methods to complement your hand-to-hand training.
  • Unarmed & Dangerous: Grand Master Richard Hackworth is an expert at showing you how to deal with being on the receiving end of a club, knife, or gun attack. His Unarmed & Dangerous training will turn your mind and body into a weaponless weapon.

Solution 2: Take the Tools TukongMuSool to the Next Dimension…

TukongMuSool is a new and unique style of martial art created by the instructor, No-Won Park to Korean Elite Military Units and the National Police Academy. The premise of TuKongMuSool is that all real fights are chaos and thus most attempts to use choreoghraphed techniques will meet with disaster.

Korean Elite Police at World Cup TukongMuSool Tournament

Working with a former police officer and forensic homicide investigator, studying blood spatter patterns at scenes of horrific violence, No-Won Park scientifically evaluated how people really fought and died.

He learned that in real bloodbaths, nothing ever happens the way you think it does. When he applied this knowledge to his police work on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, what he found was that in order to adapt to chaos and survive, you have to liberate your mind from patterned technique training and instead develop free, adaptive movement principles based purely on nature and physics.

TuKongMuSool trains you to become a master of random motion, spontaneously creating your defense using principles of energy, movement and physics that have their roots in classical training but that have been largely ignored or forgotten over time.


TuKongMuSool is different from other organized “styles” of martial arts in many ways, yet it can complement most of them.

How different is it? First, and foremost, it has no forms. That is, it has no set and sanctified techniques, no prearranged specific responses to given specific attacks, no learn-by-the-numbers choreography to clog the mind and the reflexes with unnecessary strategic calculations.

How is this possible? It does it by inverting the entire learning process. You start where most training ends. Why? Because during a real fight for your life, it is virtually impossible to deliver a stylized technique effectively; the speed, chaos, viciousness, confusion, and utter terror associated with a real fight prevents this. Your nervous system simply becomes overloaded with the flood of sensory stimuli.

You can’t treat your brain like an electronic dictionary of self-defense responses and expect it to select the right “technique” to counter a “matching” attack under extreme duress. It simply doesn’t work that way. If you’ve been programmed by training a specific response to a specific attack, your defense will fail if the attack changes by even one inch from the way you’ve trained.

This is true whether you know one technique or one thousand. How will your body know when to deliver the strike if the sensory data it is being bombarded with has no correlation to your practice? Since all serious (non-sparring) fights are literally hell-storms of chaos, you cannot rely confidently on choreographed training.

This is not conjecture. It has been proven through exhaustive experience, countless police and morgue reports, and testimonials by police officers with high-ranking belts from various styles whose classical training failed them when the spit hit the fan.


You train dynamic principles of movement only. The main ones are Body Unity, Looseness, Balance, and Sensitivity. There are many others, but they all focus on developing your subconscious neural pathways, resulting in what some would call “natural motion” and others would call “Ki.” These are developed through unusual drills and exercises and combined with the simple deadly strikes of Close Quarters Combat developed by Fairbairn, Sykes and Colonel Rex Applegate and proven in World War II.

Contact your nearest American Dragon Martial Arts Academies Dojang to find out the availablity of TuKongMuSool Law Enforcement Military Tactics Classes by clicking here

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Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association continued……..

Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association Badge

The Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association is the link between instructors world wide and Korean certification, training and membership directly with the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association World Headquarters in Korea for over 40 martial arts and kwans. The Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association World Headquarters hosts annual international events and training.

Our international chapters are responsible for hosting their national camps, seminars, clinics and other events that provide advanced training and fellowship for Instructors, Masters and Grand Masters of Korean Martial Arts in their countries. Our priorities are to teach, support and certify. Your success is our success. That is the best way to explain why we work so hard to provide you with the best service guaranteed.

Please visit for course dates and locations.


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Korean Military Arts Federation continued….

Korean Military Arts Federation Logo

The Korean Military Arts Federation is committed to the worldwide growth of the traditional military arts of Korea. The Korean Military Arts Federation emphasizes the scientific application of techniques and implementing the highest teaching and learning standards in the world with a focus on Korean Military Arts History and Traditions.

For the first time in the Korean Military Arts Federation’s prestigious history, membership is being offered to all ranks and styles worldwide. To JOIN Military Arts download the form from our application page. Complete the form and send it to our world headquarters with the appropriate fee for processing.

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The Ultimate Fat Fighting T.U.F.F. Program continued….

image of T.U.F.F. Fat Fighting Ebook Cover

One simple word – S-U-C-C-E-S-S!!!

It works every time no matter how much fat you need to lose. It is a high protein low carb diet program with the exact details needed to make it work for you!

With “The Ultimate Fat Fighting T.U.F.F. Program” you can lose weight permanently! You will learn how to turn your body into a 24/7 Fat Burning Furnace that will blast your fat off faster than a blowtorch!

Have you ever wondered why it is that you starve yourself, exercise to the point of exhaustion and the doggone scale never budges an inch?

Well, we’re going to tell you. It’s not your fault. No one has ever told you why you keep repeating the same self destructive behavior over and over again.

Once you understand why, you can begin to set the proper behavior in motion. When you do, we’ve got the tips for you. Great stuff like:


Photo of T.U.F.F. Fat Loss

  • One diet change that will help you burn 26 pounds of fat a year
  • What you can do with water to suppress your appetite
  • How to eat fast food and still lose weight
  • The truth about reduced fat claims
  • How to order when eating out
  • How to spice up and burn calories
  • Why a veggie sandwich may not be the best choice

Please check T.U.F.F. Program for more details about “The Ultimate Fat Fighting T.U.F.F. Program”

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Please give us a call TODAY for an enrollment appointment. We’re always available to help you choose the program that’s right for you, your family and your Company.


Best Regards,
Richard Hackworth, Ph.D., LAc, CPT
CEO American Dragon Martial Arts Academies.


  • Ocoee, Orlando, Sunrise, Florida
  • Etowah, North Carolina
  • San Saba, Texas

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