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The Best in Martial Arts training 209 Capitol Court. Ocoee, FL 34761  Ph: 321-443-8077. 2310 Winter Woods Blvd Winter Park, Florida 32792 Ph: 407-923-5269. and 311 N. High St San Saba, Texas 76877 Ph: 325-372-4800. We are the local school with an International Reputation for Excellence. Your source for World Class Taekwondo Training since 1984. Don’t Settle For Less!

Welcome to the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies in Ocoee, Florida and San Saba, Texas. We would like to tell you a little about why we are undisputed America’s #1 Martial Arts Family EDUCATION Center.

The Traditional Korean Martial Arts of Taekwondo and Hapkido

The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies teaches the classical forms of Korean martial arts, Taekwondo – which is considered to be one of the linear forms of martial arts. We use straight-line techniques, rather than the soft forms which tend to be circular flowery impractical forms as seen on TV’s “Kung-Fu.” Taekwondo is the ancient Korean military art of self defense, and is recognized as a more effective martial art than Aikido, Judo or Karate because is uses both the hand and foot techniques in combination and is easier to learn. US National Taekwondo Logo

The history of Taekwondo dates back over 2000 years ago when it was first used by Koreans to defend their country against invaders. Since then Taekwondo has evolved into something more than self defense, exercise or even a sport. Because it is a philosophy of self improvement, self control, and respect for others it has become a dynamic way of life. Our Award Winning World Class Taekwondo Instructors are here to help you achieve your dream of becoming a Black Belt!

Taekwondo has become popular in the United States since the 1960′s when American G.I.’s brought it back from Korea. Taekwondo has become so popular and accepted that it is practiced in 116 countries and the sport form became an Olympic event in 1988.   Korea Hapkido Federation Haemukan Hapkido, is Korea’s dynamic self defense art. Our Hapkido instructors are a few of the only licensed instructors in this country. If self defense is one of your reasons for joining, then Hapkido is a great choice. Non-lethal personal protection for yourself and loved ones is one of the primary reasons adults across America have started training in Hapkido.


The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies is the U.S. Branch of the Dragon Martial Arts Academy school founded in Korea in 1955 and has grown into the largest group of Licensed and Insured martial arts schools in the United States. We currently have over 200 instructors Nation Wide!

Today we have over 10,000 active students, all being taught by our trained and certified Black Belt instructors. Our schools are members of the U.S. National Taekwondo Association, the country’s largest Taekwondo Education organization. American Dragon Martial Arts Academies are also directly affiliated with the world headquarters in Korea and the Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan, Korea’s official sanctioning body for the martial art of HaeMuKwan Hapkido! Grand Master Richard Hackworth Two Man Throw Grand Master Richard Hackworth, who is one of the most respected martial artists in the world, has built a martial arts education company that is the Harvard of the Martial Arts field. He is an 11 times Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee. You can be assured that at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies you are getting the Best training available in this country because of our experience, qualified instructors and organizational stability. That is what you are looking for, Isn’t It?


Our unique program is the best self defense program available, helping you achieve the highest level of mental and physical health and conditioning. An American Dragon program is unsurpassed for getting you or your child in top shape. Regular training here will:

  • Improve Athletic Performance. By improving conditioning and reflexes, you’ll be able to do any activity longer, faster and with more power.
  • Increase strength. Our unique techniques and exercises will make you physically stronger and tougher. Many everyday tasks will become easier to do because of this increase in strength.
  • Increase Endurance. Your body will become more efficient from your first workout on, and the longer you work out the more efficient it becomes. You’ll enjoy your life more because you will have more energy and vitality. You’ll just simply feel better.
  • Increase Flexibility. Flexibility will occur naturally due to the stretching movements that are done in each class. Flexibility is important because it helps and prevents lower back problems.
  • Improve Appearance. Regular exercise firms and tones muscles, burns more calories, and helps reduce your appetite. These factors will give you a trimmer, firmer, and healthier appearance.

At the same time that you are learning self defense, you will look better and feel better. Isn’t that incredible?


In addition to all the fitness benefits you will receive, your Martial Arts workout will enable you to develop confidence, improve self esteem and reduce stress and tension. As you develop your self defense skills you will be able to cope with daily problems and situations. The sense of accomplishment and pride that is developed will carry over to every aspect of your life. You will look different and feel different about yourself. Additionally, you will be expanding your knowledge base by learning and mastering the ancient skills of Korean Martial Arts.


The physical fitness and mental benefits are applicable to all students, but adults obtain unique and special benefits from our program:

Regular exercise will make you look better, feel better, and live longer. Our program includes exercise that will firm and tone your entire body – particularly the hip and thigh area. Korean martial arts are famous for their dynamic kicking techniques, which naturally provides a heavy concentration in that area. The aerobic component of each class will help you control your weight by burning extra calories. Amie demonstrating palm stike on GrandMaster Richard Hackworth Most people think of self defense when they think of martial arts. They aren’t aware that martial arts training is an ideal way to get in shape. After they discover the overall conditioning effect, they begin to understand that martial arts offers extraordinary value and advantages that cannot be achieved from the more traditional methods of getting in shape; for example – health clubs. Here, while you are experiencing an improvement in fitness, you also are learning new skills which impact all areas of your life. At the same time it is an economical and efficient use of your time. While others are pursuing their fitness activities, you will be getting in shape and learning self defense – All at the same time! The discipline, concentration and physical skills that you will gain will lead to greater self confidence and self esteem. You will have the self-assuredness to cope with the hassles and aggravations that can occur in today’s hectic, frustrating and sometimes dangerous society. This “New You” will result in a more capable, “together” person, at home, at work and at play!


Self defense is often the 1st reason why parents enroll their children in martial arts. It should be the last. Martial arts is more than a course in kicks and punches. It can be a catalyst to promote self confidence, goal orientation, calmness and concentration. Furthermore, today’s children are the most poorly conditioned and out of shape segment of our population.

So, when a child participates in our program they learn at an early age that regular exercise should be a lifetime experience, not just a temporary fad. The increase in health and confidence leads to a more alert confident child, this is what helps them get better grades in school. Martial arts students are able to focus better, thus becoming attentive and absorbing more of what the teachers at schools say. That would make us all much happier wouldn’t it? Team Americas Martial Arts And can you imagine a more wholesome, safe, drug-free environment than here – building muscles and character with instructors serving as positive role models? You will know what your child is doing and where they are at with our program. Your anxiety and worry will be replaced with the comfort of knowing that your child is learning valuable skills that will make them happier, healthier and more successful in life. Learning self confidence, self esteem and self respect. Child Developmental Psychiatrist, Nick Cokinas said, “All children should study martial arts because it is a practical course in assertiveness. They learn how not to be bullied, but also why not to be a bully. A child’s confidence from self defense training also gives them a more secure sense of identity and helps them become leaders.”. He also said, “Loving parents are beginning to place their children in year round martial arts training because it has distinct advantages over team sports and other youth activities. In a martial arts program everyone gets to participate. Developing at their own pace with NO concern about riding the bench or making the team. While some girls will develop balance and fluid movement from Dance class or gymnastics, boys and girls both can learn this from martial arts. Plus, dance and other youth activities cannot offer the practical advantage of self defense training.” We would also like to add to his comments that martial arts class is NEVER boring. They will get a chance to learn new techniques in each and every class! We all want the best for children. There is no better investment that we could make for our children than enrolling them in an American Dragon Martial Arts Academies Program. I think that is easy to see isn’t it? Instructor Gregory Lee

Unlike most schools in this country, Our training curriculum is approved by the world headquarters in Korea. We are proud to be one of the few schools in the nation to have fully licensed, certified instructors teaching the official requirements. This factor is what separates the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies from every other school in this country. Our program was developed by the world headquarters in Korea and includes all the techniques and training that has been passed from Master to Master for over 2000 years!

Each unique session is designed to teach new Advanced techniques, building on the strong foundation of practice and review of previously learned information. We are able to take a new student through all of the beginner and intermediate belt levels to Black Belt and Beyond at a comfortable yet challenging pace. This pre-planned, comprehensive curriculum, an American Dragon exclusive, will ensure that the student receives the highest quality instruction available, thereby providing the student outstanding results at every belt level.


Becoming A Black Belt At The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies Is One Of The Most Coveted Titles in the Martial Arts World. And It Can Belong To You!!! To get started visit our school directory and call the location nearest you for an enrollment appointment.


Best Regards, Richard Hackworth, Ph.D., LAc, CPT CEO American Dragon Martial Arts Academies.

209 Capitol Court. Ocoee, FL 34761  Ph: 321-443-8077

2310 Winter Woods Blvd. Winter Park, FL 32792 Ph: 407-923-5269

Conyers, GA Ph: 917-929-0078

Etowah NC Ph: 828-388-0635

311 N. High St San Saba, Texas 76877 Ph: 325-372-4800

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